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Here is some info about our biggest and proudest moments...

One of the biggest club concepts we have ever had the honor to be a part of, together with Unity Collective and The Circus. Love has been headlined by the worlds top electronic artists and is the playground for Helsinki's most interesting people.

Dj Orkidea 23hour set (New Years day 2010)
This was THE most amazing event that we've had the honor of (co)producing. The vibe, the people, the old school vs new school music, the smiles on the bartenders and bouncers faces, the feeling of satisfaction afterwards and so many other little things, made this event the most special yet. This was CLUBBING, in the purest meaning of it. A total of 1700 people witnessed the magic in Redrum, but if you missed it, you can experience it right here:

Metaverse Tour 2008

DJ Orkidea's album release tour was lots of fun, lots of work, lots of videos, lots of kilometers, lots of people, lots of internet and oh so rewarding. One of our biggest projects to date, included 11 events and millions of memories. Join them here.

JOSÉ PADILLA @ Kaivohuone 10.7.2005
Oh what a day and what a night ! Mother nature gave us the hottest day of the summer, over a 1000 people (on a SUNDAY night) gave us the vibe, Jose gave us the amazing music and we all lived happily ever after...
Don't miss these beautiful pictures.

Movement @ Makasiinit 30.4.2005
Wow, what a night full of happy people and positive energy! The house was full with 1000 partypeople who were definatly up for a party. Scott Bond, Solarstone, Leama and Orkidea got the place rocking, and the light and sound system worked perfectly with them. Click here for some selected pics from the paaaaarty.

IN MY HOUSE! @ Helsinki Club 24.3.2005
Our first event in Helsinki Club and definatly not the last. It was a blast to see over 1000 people enjoying HOUSE music and rocking the dancefloor. Jokke & Danny Rampling did an excellent job with all them classics, but the credit for a good party goes for the crowd !

Josh Wink @ Rosegarden 17.2.2005
Goodness, what a night! The Wink came and slapped all of us a big soulful techno slap, and we danced gratefully to his beats. Thanx for all the clubbers and musiclovers who filled the place and created a speacial atmosphere, and ofcourse, thanx Josh!
See the photos.

Ovum room @ Koneisto 2004
The room worked excellently, especially when Sam & Gigi threw down a live set which packed the whole room, making all the musiclovers, producers and DJ's go WOAH!!!!

Sasha @ Hesperia 12.9.2002
The party was OFF THE HOOK!
Sasha came and rocked the place, surely a gig the clubbers will not forget easily..
Check our photos.

Soap @ Raumanmeren Juhannus 2000
Our first big event, organized at Finlands biggest midsummer festival. Three days, with some
amazing artists. 1st night: Mr. A, Coma & Orkidea (Back to Back), TIESTO 2nd night: Chemistry on tour with Kevin Saunderson, Marcello, Andre, Oded Peled + MC Ppholl, VJ Micha Klein and VJ Danielle Kwaaitaal 3rd night: Mr. C & Michel De Hey (Back to Back), Misjah
+ VJ Micha Klein and VJ Danielle Kwaaitaal

Koneisto 2000 & 2001 - Turku
Misc. Management took part in booking some of the main artists for Koneisto and hosted one of the rooms in this great festival. Artists booked were: Jose Padilla, Yousef, Jim Masters, Futureshock and Oded Peled feat. Guy Gerber LIVE.

Teknotunneli 2000 @ Down By The Laituri - Turku
An amazing venue in the middle of Turku. DJ's Sander Kleinenberg, Coma and Mr. A
Teknotunneli 2000 pictures

Teknokuoppa 2001 @ Down By The Laituri - Turku
Another cool venue and another groovy party.
Harry Up (Zurich), Oded Peled, Mr. A, Coma, Orkidea + VJ Micko

Sundance Music Festival - 2000 & 2001 - Estonia
Hosting a tent in Estonias biggest electronical music festival. Almost all of the Finnish Roster played at the event and main stage.
Sundance 2001 pictures

Screen Club 1998 - 2002
Major bookings for one of Finlands best club nights. Since the early days of Hype club, until now... Artists include: Sister Bliss, Josh Wink, 100% Isis, Mar Y Sol, VJ REL, Dimitri, Michel De Hey, Remy and Asi Kojak.

Twisted America tours 2000 - continuing...
Arranging tours for one of the worlds most respected house labels. Headliner for these events has always been Rob Di Stefano. Including some amazing nights in Tallinn, Stockholm (with Danny Howells), St. Petersburg, Asia and all over Finland. Truly the most memorable times we have had.
See the photos.

Pussy Club

The coolest and craziest parties in town. Foreign bookings and special events + The Pussy tour events around the world. Artists booked by Misc: Alison Marks, Ian Ossia, Asi Kojak, Israel Up, 100% Isis, Susso, Bulbul, Omid 16B, Oded Peled feat. Guy Gerber LIVE, Cass, Tom Stephan, Smoking Jo and many more to come!

The legendery house club has seen some great nights and we have had some brilliant parties there. Artists include: Kevin Yost, Rob Di Stefano, Phil Perry, Meri, 100% Isis and more...

Fokused Productions - Stockholm
THE posse in Stockholm ! Some great nights include: "Twisted Halloween" with Danny Howells, Rob Di Stefano and Mr. A. "Renaissance" with Parks & Wilson, Fred Numf and Orkidea LIVE "Pussy on tour" with Dimitri, Omid 16B, Kim, Coma & Oded Peled. "Another Twisted Halloween" with Sister Bliss, Mr C, Desyn masiello, audiodrive and Guy Gerber.

Ministry Of Sound tour 2001, Turku & Helsinki
Misc. Management were hosting a room with The Peled Brothers, Coma and Mr. A. Headliners Alan Thompson, Mark Westhenry,
Lil' Tony, Dizzy and Infekto.

Project 3mio 2002
A collaboration between Misc. Management, Children Of Dub and Stealth Unit has given people the oppurtunity to experience different genres in the same event. Main artists were Mr C., Dom + Roland and Rennie Pilgrem. More then 1200 partypeople showed up!

Isle Of MTV 2002 - Helsinki
The first party of this huge tour was organized @ Hesperia by Misc. Management. The headline artists for the event was Ferry Corsten and he got the best possible support by DJ Orkidea and Slusnik Luna playing a great live set.