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Due to his young age when he started his career in DJing he was often thought of as the eternal teenager among the hordes of DJs and producers. Today he is an established artist of his generation worldwide. After all he got the right to claim that he was right there when House, Techno and Breakbeat were born.

His time at the renowned "Force Inc." Label from Frankfurt with his school pal Ian Pooley brought first success and media attention. Together they produced a long series of great records like the Space Cube E.P.-Series "Kool Killer 1-3" or the legendary "Depart E.P." from T'N'I. Besides all this, all that good music had to be established as DJ. As a resident DJ at the "Brückenkopf"-Events in Mainz and played in just about every well known club all over the world. During these last 10 years he had the ongoing opportunity to tweak his style.

All of these experiences are there to be heard in every little detail of a Tonka-Track but also in his euphoric and ever diverse DJ Sets, making both of them into memorable experiences all by themselves.

The fine art of remixing has become an artform all of itself. To interpret and work on a piece of music done by someone most often unknown to the remixer and far away is no easy task to complete. Finding the right balance between the original version and the own ideas is what makes a good remixer. Tonka's large number of remixes in the last years (among the original artists were Bootsy Collins, Colonel Abrahams, Jimmy Sommerville, Dave Angel and more) showed how to accomplish this task. Even from blandest pop or slow Hip Hop tracks he creates something that carries his signature with Tonka breaks, beats, samples, dancefloor filler of epic dimensions and disco-monster. All of this with extra attention on production and sound quality, even the pickiest soundfreaks are wondering how he gets all this power into the sound of his tracks.

In 1998, Tonka started his first own label "Uplifting Rec.". The name could not have been chosen better and more accurate, "uplifting" hit the character of his previous and future musical work on the spot. The "Uplifting" label has been put aside after one year of successful releases, to be free for a next, better definition of Tonka Style in 2000.

His new label is named "Vivienne Records", starting on April 17th, 2000 with the Tonka release "Don't Be Afraid (To Let Yourself Go)" - which was no. 1 on the German Dance Charts for 6 weeks and also had charts placement in the Media Control Single Charts.

Always been heavily influenced by 80s Italo-Disco and being known as a big fan of Piano-Breaks and trashy Ibiza-Euphorias, Tonka always worked on and with music that had a positive attitude, floating above the hard facts. Equipped with a good distance to overdone seriousness, his music simply concentrates on creating magic moments, being really really close to some kind of happiness. Positive electronic dance music. Tonka tracks create good mood, tell stories of clubs, parties, weekends that never end and of course of being in love with house music.

Now that his very own style to compose gained recognition in the dance and sales charts this is one of the few moments that the musicbusiness is fair. After all, quality does go all the way sometimes.