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MR. A 
GIGS 2009
20 maalis 2009 Dance.Here.Now@Bepop, Kajaani
21 maalis 2009 In the House with Mr.A @ Bar Loop, Helsinki

03 huhti 2009 DanceteriA @ DTM with Rob Di Stefano (Twisted America)
04 huhti 2009 In the House with Mr.A+Rob Di Stefano @ Bar Loop,Helsinki
18 huhti 2009 Cosmic Dance@Redrum with Oliver Huntemann,Helsinki
30 huhti 2009 Mayday @ Bar Loop,Helsinki

02 touko 2009 In the House with Mr.A @ Bar Loop,Helsinki
08 touko 2009 DanceteriA @ dtm,Helsinki
09 touko 2009 Cosmic Dance@Redrum,Helsinki
16 touko 2009 In the House with Mr.A @ Bar Loop,Helsinki
30 touko 2009 Helsinki Techno City presents @ Redrum,Helsinki

06 kesä 2009 In the House with Mr.A+Flipperi (Top Billin)@Bar Loop,Helsinki
12 kesä 2009 DanceteriA 4 Years Anniversary Party @ dtm,Helsinki
13 kesä 2009 Cosmic Dance@Redrum,Helsinki
20 kesä 2009 DanceteriA @RMJ Party Camp, Pori

02 heinä 2009 Hangon Regatta kickoff @ Tivoli,Hanko
03 heinä 2009 Konemetsä Festival,Marttila
11 heinä 2009 Cosmic Dance@Redrum,Helsinki
18 heinä 2009 DanceteriA The Loveboat Cruise pt.2,Helsinki Archipelago
25 heinä 2009 Helsinki Techno City presents@Redrum,Helsinki

08 elo 2009 DanceteriA on Tour @ Klubi,Turku,Turku
21 elo 2009 Reiv@Taiteiden Yö, Night of the Arts Party@Virgin Oil,Helsinki

DANCETERIA SHOW @ Bassoradio, every second WEDNESDAY of the month at 20-22. / 102,8 fm



With a slew of acclaimed productions and remixes under his belt, Mr. A’s name is fast spreading through the house music world after cutting his teeth in on the dance music scene in his native Finland. The originator behind the acclaimed Danceteria Music label and accompanying nights (the busiest monthly house party in Finland), he regularly headlines all of his home country’s major events, festivals and club nights, playing alongside everyone from Sasha to Howells and Derrick Carter to Dixon. He also runs a bi-weekly Danceteria show on Bassoradio, co-owns a bar in Helsinki named Loop and promotes his Cosmic Dance parties at Redrum, alongside local hero Lil´ Tony, on a deeper, groovier tip.

Mr. A left his home town in Lapland back in 1990 to broaden his mental and musical horizons, spending a year studying in the US – Las Vegas no less. On returning to Finland, he moved to Helsinki, having been bitten by the acid house bug. He began to mingle with the key players of the country’s electronic music scene, spending his spare money on vinyl to feed his newly discovered DJ habit and picking up DJ gigs alongside the country’s biggest names.
Slowly building up his rep over the next decade, he began producing in 2000 when he moved to London, releasing his first track Tupayumi on UK label Igloo Records after working at a local vinyl emporium. Once the ball was rolling, plenty more acclaimed productions were to follow – first breaks on nu skool scene-leaders like Botchit Breaks, and then later when he relocated back home, more house music. Alongside friends Miika Kuisma and Heikki L, he set up the Danceteria Music label in 2006– his home turf in terms of own productions.

His DJ sets combine everything from tech-house, heady progressive moments, and groovy, eclectic techno, while he cites influences such as Danny Tenaglia, Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode. His musical vision and charisma saw him voted as Finland’s Number 1 DJ by City Magazine (the equivalent to Time Out in the UK and elsewhere). Since then he’s spread his dance music gospel across the whole of Scandinavia, U.K, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and more.




Mr.A @ Unity 2007

See also: Danceteria Club - Promo Video

January 2009

1. Downtown Party Network-Days like These/Into your face
2. Blackbelt Andersen-Sandoz
3. Code 718-Equinox (henrik schwarz dub)
4. Moles-Tabasco
5. Kiki-Living on ffwd
6. Montauk-April (dana bergquist+peder g rmx)
7. DJ Romain-Wavedrum
8. Loko-I like
9. Tedd Patterson-Lique the Tipper
10. Kiko Navarro-Maximal


Warm-up for Cassy - Cosmic Dance@Redrum,14022009

Download part 1
Download part 2

charles webster-forget the past (brennan green+daniel wang mix)
henrik schwarz-africa sky
mateo+matos-the real thing
james mowbry-tell me i can (christian prommer mix)
master h-magic k
argy-upon ourselves
bushwacka-the blues
peace division-hold it
danny tenaglia-bottom heavy (argy mix)
oscar g-every now and then (kenny dope mix)
asle-the woods (skylark mix)
dj koze-i want to sleep
loco dice-eclipse
stereotyp-take the weight off my shoulder (peter kruder mix)
sideshow-if alone (chateau flight mix)
ame-doldrums (dana edit)
andersen+borelli feat. björk-hidden place
scope-strung out (2009 mix)
apologist-the world as we know it
lost valentinos-serio (tybalt mix)
emand parandian-kamanche (tiefshwarz mix)
dj hell-the angst (henrik schwarz mix)
dj romain-doldrums
daniel melhart-alura
oliver huntemann-rikarda
behrouz-lost in translation (timo maas mix)
linus loves-body+soul
osunlade-mommas groove (jimpster mix)