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Aimed for the most cinematic, destructive, bowel-shaking, mind altering sounds known to man (or machine), Dj Genki is set to move and shake this deteriorating planet of ours with each set he plays. Not happy with settling down to only some styles of music, he caters the unexpected yet keeps the flow uninterrupted and true to the moment. Some of the styles he prefers are hardcore breakbeats, chunky house, high-octane psytrance and drum’n bass in its various forms.

An integral part of several music-related crews in Finland, Genki has always acted towards open communication across different musical scenes. Also as an A&R person for Exogenic Music Group, Genki has had his hands in many strange soups that have been brewed in this cold, dark country. He started in 1993 at the tender age of 17, playing the early forms of industrial / psy-sounds in mostly illegal bush gatherings and warehouse parties.

In the early 90’s, the electronic dance music scene in Finland was very young and still searching its form. This was the era of mad parties and outlaw action in the finnish capital, Helsinki, and the people going to the parties were die-hard ravers who protested loudly if (and often when) the police came to stop a party in deserted factories, deep northern forests or wherever the organizers managed to pile up a stack of speakers and get a home-made decor up in a couple of hours.

The underground party scene of Helsinki underwent a drastic change in the mid 90’s, due to an unfortunate accident at a warehouse party that was held in the sixth floor of a building. After that, the police wouldn’t condone any activities without permits and official measures taken. Soon the crews would find ways to make the activities seem perfectly legal and the bush gatherings flourished again. Genki was playing in many of these events and dragged many speakers to many vans after them. He also helped to spread the music of the budding Finnish artists to other countries as well as hosting people from abroad while they were on their excursions in Finland.

1998 marked as one of the main turning points for Genki’s djing career. He went for a 6 month trip to Australia and heard many of the local dj’s playing all kinds of music mixed together in the parties there, instead of the generic order of playing just one or two styles of music during the night. This journey also lit his interest in rough drum n bass and dirty breakbeats, which became his main interests after drifting away from the psytrance scene… Just to return to it after 8 years of intensive breakbeat schooling.

The future is always open for this guy, and there is no way of telling what he might be up to next. These years have taken him and his music from almost every city or town in Finland to countries like France, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Germany. He's had the privilege of playing with such acts as Pendulum, Dom&Roland, Aquasky, Plump Dj's, Dieselboy, Underworld Dj’s, Chris Liebing, TeeBee, Matrix, Klute, )E|B( and many, many others. No genres, no boundaries, just pure, unadulterated music.




September 2009
Under 135bpm:
01. Pryda - 'Animal'
02. Diplo vs Laidback Luke - 'Hey!' (Foamo RMX)
03. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - 'Melodrama' (Oliver Huntemann RMX)
04. Oliver Koletzki - 'Hypnotized' (Format:B RMX)
05. Felix Da Housecat - 'Kickdrum'
06. Jack Beats - 'Labyrinth'
07. Zombie Nation - 'Worth It' (Arveene & Misk RMX)
08. Bates45 - 'Carol Mirakoves Temporary Tattoos'
09. The Rogue Element - 'Shuffle & Clap'
10. Vitalic - 'Terminator Benelux'

Over 135bpm:
01. SPL - 'Cobalt'
02. Bassnectar - 'Cozza Frenzy' (Mega-Bass RMX)
03. The Prodigy - 'Omen' (Noisia RMX)
04. Eye-D vs BSE - 'Brainfreeze'
05. Matrix vs Futurebound - 'Shanghai Surprise'
06. Jack Sparrow - 'The Chase'
07. Blu Mar Ten - 'If I Could Tell You'
08. Bassbin Twins - 'Whistle Choon'
09. The Heavy - 'How You Like Me Now?' (Joker RMX)
10. Blasta - 'Black Muscatel'

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